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Just like Dog Collars, Dog Harnesses and Dog Leashes this is one product which will be very useful for all pet lovers. The PooperPicker is an innovative and exciting new way to pick up the dog waste in your yard. No More Bending! No More Touching! Easy to Clean Solid Stainless Steel Construction Features: N 100% Stainless steel construction N Picks up multiple piles of poop before the need to be emptied N One handed pickup operation N A see through base allows for tactical placement of the tool on the targeted poop N Open design allows for easy cleaning. N Comfortable foam non-slip handles N Lightweight yet durable stainless steel construction N 34” handle height eliminates the need for stooping or bending over N Works on: grass, gravel, sand, litter, concrete and soil N Easy to clean: Just rinse with water after use! Convenient and useful. Designed for easy to use. It's an ideal gift for pet owners. Avoiding getting too close to that smelly poop. Visit us at https://www.pooperpicker.com/product/the-pooperpicker/

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