Senior Angular Developer in Winnipeg.

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Job Description: Front End Developer Primary Responsibilities: * Play a major role in the development and enhancement of the front-end applications. * Work closely with Business Analysts to understand the core business problems and deliver optimal IT solutions * Validate overall application design and conduct design and code reviews * Partner with Technology Leads to effectively deliver on business requirements * Make sure that all new solutions are scalable and yield to high architectural standards * Work closely with QA Team to ensure high quality of the product and promotes efficient QA Tools and Techniques * Mentor and provide guidance to junior team members in both technology space and business requirement implementation. Skills Required TECHNICAL SKILLS: - Deep technical proficiency and advanced level experience with different front end Web Development Technologies such as AngularJS / Javascript / HTML5. - Technology skills required such as JavaScript Frameworks (AngularJS 1.x, 2), AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, TypeScript, with Java/J2EE background). - An in-depth understanding of the critical aspects of major transactional production systems; scalability, reliability, service oriented architecture, distributed systems, etc. - Capability to approach problems as challenges and deal with them constructively and promote this approach to other team members at the same time. Skills desired NON-TECHNICAL SKILLS: - Ability to work with business analysts, development managers, architects, infrastructure, and other developers to analyze business requirements, propose solutions, and implement those solutions. - Experience in designing, developing and delivering complex applications at major financial services firms. - Understanding of Spring framework, EhCache, Unix would be an added skill. To Apply:

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