10' 20' and 40' Shipping Containers for Sale!! Competitive Prices!!

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All of our used shipping and storage containers come in an excellent shape, guaranteed to keep all your belongings safe and dry and away from rodents and such. These sea cans / shipping and storage units are perfect to keep on your farm to store your farm tools and equipment or to keep on your cottage to keep your lawn mower and such. Popular Order: 10ft Shipping Container 20ft Shipping Container 20ft Shipping Container(High cube) 40ft Shipping Container 40ft Shipping Container(High cube) Special Order: 20ft Open Side Container 20ft Open Top Container 20ft Flatrack Shipping Container 20ft Refrigerated Container 40ft Open Side Container 40ft Open Top Container 40ft Flatrack Shipping Container 40ft Refrigerated Container Contact us today to find out more! Visit us at www.inexshippingcontainers.ga

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