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1301 Inkster Blvd,Winnipeg MB R2X 1P6

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Residential rent.
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About us

Group II Investments Inc has been managing residential properties and this wealth of experience has contributed to our esteemed reputation in the industry. Residential Rent Payment Policies: Rent payments of cheques or money orders can be given to the resident managers. Any cash payments must be made at our office at 1301 Inkster Blvd. We also have a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) system that you may sign up for if you choose. PAD related documents can be found here. Rental Unit Application Process: Schedule an appointment with the resident manager to view the suite. Fill out application form and consent form provided by the resident manager. Return the completed application form and consent form along with the security deposit to the resident manager. They will forward your application to our office for processing. The resident manager will contact you once the application has been processed (usually within 2 business days).

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