Where you advertise matters

Local marketing is a tried-and-true way to reach consumers, and it can create a tremendous amount of buzz for your biz – whether you’re a national brand or a single-location company. It’s free to add your business profile with FPOM, and with just $1.00 per day, you could showcase your brand across Manitoba with a direct link to your website, custom banner and much more...

Ad Free Listing in FPOM
Ad Free Listing in FPOM

Reasons to advertise with the largest website in manitoba

More Relevant Audience

Community Good Will

Create Partnerships

Help Your Business Stand Out

Brand Your Business as a Local Business

Connect With our Locals

Get More Bang For Your Buck

Opportunities for Collaboration

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Thousands of customers uses FPOM for their daily needs, your potential customers are searching for businesses like yours for their Products/ services.

How to check if your business is listed on FPOM?

Visit www.fpom.ca/business and in the search text box, enter the name of your business and click on the search icon.

If it is found click on the result and claim your business for free.

If it is not found, create your personal profile for free and list your business for free to showcase across Manitoba.

Register – once you register with FPOM, you will be notified through email to activate your profile. Please make sure you check your spam folder too.

Once you activate the link, login to FPOM.ca and access your dashboard, through the dash board you could List your business for free, post buy/sell ads.

Benefits of listing your business with FPOM

Your brand/business gets to reach thousands of people who access the largest website in Manitoba.

People can support your business through FPOM .

More than 87% of the people search online for their needs.

Registered businesses in FPOM could save more than 25% of their online marketing expenses.

Be found locally