FPOM is the largest website in Manitoba

Manitoba owned website for all online needs, List your business for free, advertise your brand across Manitoba, browse through all businesses in our Province, list your items to buy/sell, and know more about the province we live in. FPOM is the only website in the world where members can “show” their support for their favorite brands and businesses. Thousands of Manitobans use FPOM for their daily needs.

Products & Services in Manitoba

Small businesses are the heart of any economy. FPOM is the only place where you can find all products and services in our province, from corporates to small businesses. If your business is not listed, get it listed for free and use the claim your company’s listing (feature) to add more info about your business. Check out what other cool features are available to promote your brand.

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Classifieds Manitoba

All FPOM members who advertise on classifieds get chances to win movie tickets, jets gear, gift cards, game cards and much more…

Know Your Province

This is where you could get to know more about the province we live in.

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